If you or someone you know suffered from PTSD or

panic disorder, this is your night!! Come join us for

stories of survival, music and healing.






New Live Show!!

Come out and celebrate The Outlaw Tonya Watts'

Birthday with Shawn this Friday night in Los Angles!! 


-Team SK







Coming soon to itunes, watch for Shawn's brand new single    "I'm Comin' Home". A touching tribute to our men and women in uniform. 


-Team SK




"Sedona" is NOW AVAILABLE on itunes!!

Shawn's single, "Sedona" is available on itunes!! Go get it!! 





-Go check out SK's new blog post and view photos of his 2013 travels.  

-Team SK










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The feelings started flowing from his pen when he was 14 years old. Growing up in Riverside, California, Shawn Kenan wrote a poem while chasing a crush in 9th grade.  Later that year a classmate paid him $10 to write a poem for a girlfriend and Shawn's writing career began. He wrapped storytelling into his poetry and creative writings. By 16, he had published works in the American Poetry Anthology and others. Along the way he picked up a guitar and learned to play, but he never strayed far from his favorite instruments, his good old pen and notebook. “Every song has a story, listen with your heart”.





The son of an Iowa farming family, Shawn grew up with country music in his blood. He'd listen close to the story songs of  Waylon, Willie, Jones, and Cash and decided he wanted write songs. So Shawn set his sights on Nashville where he joined the Nashville Songwriters Association. He furthered his education about the music business and the art of songwriting. While there, he met and began working with other songwriters who encouraged him to chase his dream in Music City. Shawn found himself at home in Nashville where he now lives and works . When you listen to Shawn's music, you'll hear touching stories of love and hard rockin' songs of life and heartbreak. The perfect collection of experiences that every heart can relate to.  Shawn now splits his time between his two favorite places on Earth, Lake Tahoe NV and Nashville TN.



















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